Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Finding Local Relevance

In an increasingly globally-focused world, I believe it is all the more important to search for, and find, local relevance.  Local relevance inspires local pride.  Local pride inspires growth and development.

That's why it was all the more interesting when you can find it away from your local area.  My kids found local relevance 130 miles away from home.

While at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in Cleveland, we saw these mastodon bones.  These bones were discovered in our home county--Licking County.  It's a long story why they are in Cleveland, but the local relevance to someone from Licking County stands out nonetheless.

Then, we stumbled on a map of the Hopewell earthworks in Newark and this write-up.  This is, essentially, our neighborhood.  We live in short walking distance of these mounds.  Pretty darn locally relevant there.

The piece indicates that the Great Circle Mound is used as a county fairgrounds.   Of course, that hasn't been true at any point in my lifetime, but it was true at one time.

I don't blame the museum for not having a current statement.  After all, its only locally-relevant.

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