Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Three Smart Things That Are

Yesterday, I railed against abuse of the term "smart" that doesn't quite fit with some products.  It does fit with SmartBoard, Maxwell Smart, and some smart phones.

Our Port Authority has had a SmartBoard for webinars and presentations for going on four years.  We've used it to the hilt.  As part of a technology push, we've even bought ones for others, including one on wheels at The Works, our local science museum, and one at Davis-Shai House, a local community gathering place in Heath.  The uses are endless.  Smart indeed.

My HTC Imagio smartphone is smart.  I have tested iPhones and prefer my touch HTC to it. Plus, the easy integration with my desktop computer without having to have a big IT department behind me makes me prefer it to Blackberry too.

Trying to think of a third was hard.  Don Adams' character Maxwell Smart is the only other "smart" thing I could think of to recommend.  Get Smart is a t.v. show I could recommend to my kids for good laughs.

Now that's my smart list about things smart.

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