Monday, September 6, 2010

Thinking Labor Force On This Labor Day

It's Labor Day.  My team at the Port Authority is on vacation today.  They are on my mind nonetheless.

I call them the tech-savvy team.  We are a government entity, but innovation is our middle name.

When we wanted to figure out how to deploy a camera like the one that watched one side of our campus, my team figured it out.  They figured it out despite the fact that the site the camera sat on had no electricity and no Internet access.

Now five years later, our solar-powered, wireless-internet camera system keeps loading up images.

When presented with a $7,000 bill for a lobby message board system, a similar challenge was presented.  The outcome is a new 60' screen in the lobby with a fan-less CPU above the ceiling panels.  Our IT guy on the team will be able to treat the machine like a desktop with gadgets for Twitter feeds and time/temperature along with scrolling messages.  The cost for a bigger and better system?  Less than half.

I'm proud of the Port Authority's tech-savvy team.

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