Sunday, September 19, 2010

Talking to Rotarians Again

I'm speaking to my own Rotary Club, the Newark (Ohio) Rotary Club this coming Tuesday.  No easy, standard stump speech this time either.

My topic?  Social media.

I'm no expert and will tell the Club that.  I will, however, be sharing my perspective as the father of a Millenial who recently responded to my e-mail by texting me and, when I didn't respond instantly, sent me a Facebook message.

Rotarians, like me, won't understand that.

What they will understand is that the Millenials' generation is bigger than the Baby Boomers.  If Rotary, and the Newark Rotary Club in particular, wants to be on the minds of the next generation, they have to talk their talk and be where they are being.

If I'm to communicate with my oldest daughter, I have to be there too.  I am there.

And that's on Facebook and other social media venues.


Take Action:  Befriend the fledgling, but hopefully growing, Newark Rotary Club Facebook page.

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