Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hi-Railing 79|Seventy

I'm hoping the cars are better than this vehicle shown above, but, even if not, I'll still be enjoying taking a tour of Central Ohio's largest manufacturing corridor via a rail-equipped SUV on Monday.

It's called hi-railing.

Genesee & Wyoming has secured two rail-road SUV's and, together with the partners in the 79|Seventy Advanced Materials Corridor, will be playing host to a unique perspective on the 1,200+ acres and 11 million square feet of built-out, industrial space along Ohio Route 79 between I-70 and SR 16 in Central Licking County. 

Since most of the developed and ready-to-build sites in the Corridor are rail-served, the hi-rail perspective is an appropriate one.

The tour is an add-on to the IEDC economic development conference being hosted in nearby Columbus, Ohio starting tomorrow through Wednesday.

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