Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Growing Sense of Pragmatism

Under "Political Views" on Facebook, I put "Pragmatic Republican."  For a while, I couldn't find anyone else who describes himself this way on Facebook, but I'm seeing more and more of it out there now.

There's a growing sense of pragmatism.  And I think it's coming at exactly the right time.

Read "How a Republican Majority Should Govern After the 2010 Election" by Scott Galupo.

Galupo gets it.  What's power without purpose?

The message below was taken from a website appealing to progressives:

". . .must make our democracy work again. That’s different from winning elections. It requires tempering passion with pragmatism, expanding, not narrowing, our appeal to the electorate, and standing up to special interests, even on our own side."

That's the mantra for the pragmatic Republican movement too.

Let's get things done.  Govern first.

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