Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Government Innovator

I know it sounds like an oxymoron.  Government is not supposed to be innovative.  The private sector, alone, has franchise on the term.

I'd like to think the Port Authority holds a rare franchise on the term innovator among government entities, though.

I was presented more evidence today.

The new Message Center in our lobby welcomes our visitors with our latest messages.  Soon, we'll have our latest Facebook and Twitter messages coupled with our other forms of communication.

We're as much testing this system as anything.  We'll be installing two more next year when the Horton Building opens up and wanted to get our feet wet first with one in our lobby.

The original quote for a 50 inch t.v. connected to a converter box was $7,000.

We installed a 60 inch LED t.v. connected to a fanless CPU for under $3,000.  We also have more control over the content displayed.

It's bigger and better.  It's faster and cheaper.

That's my definition of innovator.  Government innovator.

Nice work, Bill.

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