Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Would Ben Franklin Do?

Ben Franklin is a well-known name today.  His earliest writings, though, were annoymous.   He lambasted people pretty well, in print, using made-up names.

Today's bloggers face the same question--in my name or in some made-up one?

Read a recent column on how Cultural Offering's Kurt Harden faced the issue in his once annonymous, now name-branded blog.  "This blog is like a coffee shop conversation, " he writes.  Kurt's prolific blog could have been annonymous.  He chose otherwise.

I faced the same question.  Kurt's column made me realize that too. was my first "online presence" in 1995.  It was begun by the annonymous me to write about all things Ohio.  I solicited friends to write columns (yes, those were early blogs) too. I had people solicit me to let them write annonymously.

When the Toledo Blade editor became the subject of one of those annonymous writings, he turned the tables.  He actually wrote favorably about the site's role in connecting homesick Ohioans with their home state.  My annonymity was gone after a positive, national story and two favorable editorials in 1998.

Though survives as my e-mail address, I essentially gave up the site in 2002.  Now, the new "blog" bears my real 

I suspect Ben Franklin would have done the same.

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