Monday, August 23, 2010

Segway is Segway Into Future

Our entire staff just test drove some Segways via a two-hour tour with Segaway Tours of Columbus.

The test drive had many purposes and all were served.

It was team-building.  Short of a lunch together, I can't recall any other time our seven-person team got together and just did something fun for a change.  That, alone, made the tour worth it.

It built our skills and added a check mark to our bucket list.  We pride ourselves on having a "tech-savvy" team.  Manuevering a Segway is a high-tech skill in and of itself that has no real equivalent.  It's not at all like riding a bike, skating, or pretty much anything.  Besides, now we can also add drove a Segway to our personal and professional bucket lists.

It expanded our horizons.  We can now think of different approaches to transportation.  Surely, ditching the gas-powered vehicle to get from one side to the other of our 57-acre main campus would be one way to be green (if we owned one.)  It may also extend the life of our equipment.

It made me, at least, want one.  After this test drive, I want one.  I see a lot of reasons for it and, though, I can't probably claim to my Board that any of those reasons pay for themselves, I see the being ahead of others and being a marketing-friendly, memorable site tour as value-driven reasons.

Stay tuned whether we get one or two here in our future, but there's no question the Segway is a segway into the future.

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