Thursday, August 12, 2010

Observations From the County Fair

The fish are still alive this morning. My boys won goldfish playing that old traditional fair game with fish bowls and ping pong balls. The fish survived a 100+ heat index, life in a bag, a drive home, and an overnight in a repurposed trash can. Is there any part of this--competing, bagging, carrying, or stowing--that a PETA member would consider humane? Probably not, but oh well.  All's fair.  Pun intended.

My wife remarked, after John found some manure on his clothes after a cow barn tour, that we seemed to be seeing more than our fair share of poop thus year. Fair share?   Pun intended.

Lemonade shakes were the only food we bought this year.  The heat made us thirsty, not hungry. The vendor's sign was baffling, but I only paid $3 for the $3 refill.

It was great to see the magnificent Budweiser Clydesdales. Without the music of Bud's theme song, though, something was missing.  Still great, though.

Bottom line: a more than fair edition if the Hartford Fair again this year.

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