Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Blog About Blogs

Before there were blogs, there were small-town coffee shops.  It worked the same way as a blog on the local newspaper does today--a place for a community discussion to take place about community issues.

NewarkAdvocate.com is Licking County's modern-day equivalent to the old timers' coffee shop.

Not long back, people went into coffee shops to debate.  It took two sides to debate, but the negative side always had the advantage.

When I lived and worked in another town, I tried to counter that negativity imbalance in the economic development arena.  I made it my job, as a side part of my real job, to arm the positive side of the coffee shop debate with periodic media insertions.

And that's what I try to do with my column at NewarkAdvocate.com.  There's a constant debate out there on the web.  I'm making it my job to arm the positive side as much as I can.

The debate is going to happen whether I get in the middle of it or not.  For my part, I hope to make the outcome of that debate more positive.

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