Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Year on Facebook

The Port Authority, unceremoniously, hit the one-year mark on Facebook.  See  http://www.facebook.com/OhioPortAuthority where 270+ fans have been seeing almost-daily updates since the first one on July 20, 2009.

Facebook has over 500 million active monthly users and the Port Authority manages to peal away the tiniest of a fraction of them.  However, our 270+ active users are a quality audience.

We count leadership of our customers, members of Congress, and news media contacts among our followers.  Our first executive director, Wally Horton, is there too.

Amazingly, and I don't beg for more of this, we've only had one back-and-forth encounter of a negative nature and, with that one, it was better to see what was being said than never know it was being said and have no way to respond.

No question.

The Facebook decision was a good one.  Year Two sees more of the same.

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