Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Remembering George Steinbrenner

Just got a breaking news alert that George Steinbrenner has died.

I met him and shared an elevator with him once.

I was in New York to catch a day-night doubleheader at the old Yankee Stadium between my Cleveland Indians and the Yankees.

For the nightcap, my Dad had seats in a loge.  I was adorned in my Indians' Chief Wahoo cap and riding the elevator to the loge when we pressed the wrong floor and went to the press level.

There, George and the Indians' GM at the time, John Hart, got on the elevator too.  Both looked straight at me.  It was an, elevator after all and I was the only guy with a Wahoo cap.  Neither said anything.

For a change and out of respect for my Dad who was a little sheepish about taking me into his New York friends' loge, I bit my tonque and didn't say a smart word either.

That's it.

All I can about George is that I wish he was successful in his first attempt to buy a Major League Baseball team.  He was turned down for the chance to buy the Indians. 

That was a shame.

R.I.P. George Steinbrenner.

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