Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ohio & Erie Canal Still Flows

My youngest kids have now ridden a canal boat three times in their short lives.

That's a phrase that any parent could have written in Ohio in the past 180+ years, but we shouldn't take it for granted.

From the groundbreaking in Licking County in 1825 and the first traffic flowing in 1828 to the revival of excursion-like boat trips in Canal Fulton and Coshocton that still operate today, the Ohio & Erie Canal has continued to flow for a long time.

Here's hoping it continues and the Ohio & Erie canal keeps flowing knowledge even though it no longer flows freight.

Understanding the development of Ohio and transportation's importance to it, is an important economic development lesson every person in Ohio should learn and understand.  Nothing like riding a canal boat to more deeply understand it.


  1. Next time I come to Ohio, I am riding a canal boat.

  2. One of my mother's ancestors bought land from his older brother in Union County around 1838. The older brother then bought land near Coshocton. The ability to ship his product on the canal boats may have influenced his decision to go east from Jerome to Coshocton.