Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Theater Options in a Small Town

My wife and I decided to get tickets for a performance at our local theater, the Midland.  Small town means no hurry, right?


We struggled for good seats for a show in September.

The Midland Theater re-opened the year our family moved to Newark in 2002.  It opened to a sold out show after an extensive renovation. It's often been a hard ticket ever since.

The same may come to be true for the newly-renovated Weathervane Playhouse.  The theater that has lasted 42 years as a partly-outdoor, summer theater just got air conditioning installed for the first time.  Their playbill in the first-ever chilled air kicks off this week with My Fair Lady and includes a hard-to-book version of Hairspray. 

Here's predicting another hard ticket.

Guess that kind of dispels a few conventions about small towns and theaters.

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