Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Simple Transaction?

I've been working on two transactions lately.  One should be real simple.  One should be real complex.

The hard one is a $4.76 million bond issuance under a little-used federal program created under the 2009 stimulus package called Recovery Zone Facility Bonds.  Few of these have been done in Ohio and, according to our legal counsel, when we closed today we closed on the first one ever done in Central Ohio. 

The hard one is done.

The simple one is shipping a bike. It's the simple one that I can't get closed.

My wife can't find a bike that she likes as well as the one she already owns but which sat in her mother's garage 1,000 miles away in Northern Minnesota.  I found a bike shop that would disassemble and box the bike then hold it for shipment at my expense.  The shop, though, doesn't have e-mail nor a shipping account so they want me to arrange for shipment.

Sunday, UPS customer service, in advance of having my mother-in-law bring the bike to the cycle shop, said I could arrange for a return shipment with UPS bringing the pre-paid label to the shop, affixing it to the box, and shipping it to me.

Yesterday, UPS said yes to that twice and then "no."  The no has me scrambling to get the now-boxed bike shipped.

I'm having to call the cycle shop owner on his cell phone to see if he can get to e-mail and print out a shipping label from me or what.

The simple is being made complex.
UPDATE:   Devin at UPS Customer Service got this solved for me this evening.  Devin is fantastic, and I let his manager know too.  I appreciate it.

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