Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lingering Questions

The newest leg of the highway otherwise known by the numbered routes 161/37/16/36/22 fully opens to traffic today and will see a formal ribbon cutting tomorrow, June 17.

This opening of 161/37/16 new piece opens up opportunities in the future. It also leaves some lingering questions.

Will the Cherry Valley Interchange, the last piece of this latest section and the piece that makes this safer route safe, get designed and built in this decade?

Can't ODOT find a better number and name for this
highway corridor than the current collection of routes known as SR161/SR37/SR16/US36/US22?

Will there be a state leader emerge who sees the value of connecting the markets of Columbus and Pittsburgh in a way that a two-lane tunnel at Wheeling, West Virginia can't do and who champions finishing the unfinished business east along the highway corridor?

I hope the answer to all three lingering questions is:  yes!

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