Friday, June 11, 2010

Facebook Usernames. . .

. . .are a lot like internet domain names were 15 years ago.  Better get your brand's name soon.  It may already be too late.

Here's the three steps to follow if you already have an account on Facebook:

1. Click on Create a Page for My Business at the bottom of the left-most column on any Facebook fan page.

2. Follow the steps to publish your page and then get at least 25 of your friends to click "Like" and become fans of your new page.  With 25 fans, you are eligible for a Facebook username.

3. Finally, go to and click on the "Set a Username for your Pages" link to be taken to the page wher you can choose your page's username. 

Now, you've got it.

I've managed to nab a few that could standout when the time comes that Facebook is even more populated.  I've got "TheCorridor," "TheTrail," and "OhioPortAuthority" for Licking County regional efforts and "PizzaFan," "FoodFan," and "FreshOrangeJuice" for a few of my more offbeat pages.

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