Monday, June 14, 2010

Customer Input

What's the best way to get it?

We truly want to do what our customers want, but there's no one way to best figure out what that means.

One year, when it was time to paint the main building, we painted two options in a section of the building and asked for votes on-line.  We also went to a workplace environment team and asked members to sign on to their preferred color.

That process yielded an almost perfect 50-50 result.  Right down the middle. 

Today at 9:00, we'll convene a five-person team with leadership of our four largest customers asked to appoint a person to the committee.  One at-large person was invited to represent a historical viewpoint.

I write this before I head in to meet with the group.

We'll be asking their thoughts to advise us on two questions we face with regard to the future of a long-time amenity here at the Aerospace Center--the patio.

Question #1:  Should we build what we show in initial mock-ups?  We have a design and a quote to build it that has been accepted by our Board of Directors.  Unless there is strong opposition, we'll likely proceed.

Question #2:  The design needs finishing.  How should we finish it out?  Finishing raises a host of other questions which we hope this committee is willing to help us tackle in a way that is in-line with the personnel here's collective vision. 

How should it be equipped?  Should we have some sort of public art or some other way to honor the 50-year anniversary of this place that approaches in 2012?

We hope customer input gives us the answer.

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