Saturday, May 22, 2010

You Aren't on Facebook? Think Again

Now I gotta watch it with those nun stories. Sister Kathy, my third grade teacher, became my 501st Facebook “friend” the other night.

She’s the 57th person on my list associated with my old elementary school. Over 80 out of 200 of my high school graduating class are on Facebook planning our 25th high school reunion.

My family is on there too.  My daughter got me started two Summers ago.  Now, all but one brother and one uncle of mine are on there. So is my mom.

You aren’t on Facebook? Think again.

The flood of photos on Facebook continues and chances are pretty good that if you ever went to elementary school or high school or ever took part in some family event and posed for a photo that your face is on Facebook even if you are not.

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