Friday, May 14, 2010

Chamber Fam Tour Fams

I'm seemingly the only one who does this, but I call the tours of industrial parks that are put on by our local Chamber "fam tours."  The real purpose of the tours is a greater familiarization and, thus, the term "fam" for short.

Familiarization was the name of the game yesterday on a tour geared toward Mayors and elected officials with all three County Commissioners in attendance and mayors of five municipalities on board too.  There were township trustees and council members among the 30+ on the bus.

ArmorSource, a company with Licking County ties that go way back, chose to locate its combat helmet operation in a building that became available when a corporate downsizing in the automotive industry emerged.

ArmorSource's advanced materials product is a composite of materials that protects soliders around the globe.  Their test lab puts their product to the test at speeds up to 6,000 feet per second.

State Industrial Products, a company with a near 100-year history in Ohio, opened a new industrial chemicals production facility in Hebron.  Similar to ArmorSource, the company found its way here upon the loss of a company that had a similar business in the building before.

SIP loves our workforce.  Boy do they.  The company reports that they are able to do in Hebron with 40 people what took them 80 people to do in their previous location. 

Production floor efficiences probably account for some of that amazing productivity improvement, but the sentiment is that the bulk of the credit goes to a quality workforce.

So, once again, we find that the Chamber Fam Tour fams.

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