Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yeah, I Looked

I feel like I'm looking through someone's personal, private records.  I guess, because I am.

Ohio Governor Strickland distributed copies of his tax returns to the news media.  The Dispatch posted them online to read.
Darn it.  Why'd they do that?  It made me look. 

And then It's the odd things that caught me.  Nothing partisan, just Andy Rooney-style thoughts here.

Wonder why the preparer's name was blackened out but not his signature? 

How come the Governor didn't sign his return?  Suppose he did after making copies.

Either the Governor and/or First Lady are Kentucky Colonels.  There's a donation there one year.  I used to be one until I didn't donate any more.

They contributed $100 to the ACLU but only $30 to Character Counts.  I might have given it all to Character Counts, whatever that is.  But that's just me.

And, undoubtedly because they paid their preparer $575, they remembered to file Schedule M this year.  Regrettably, they didn't get to claim the full $800 though. 

So, yeah, I looked.

I wish they didn't tempt me with such stuff.

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