Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Relax, We'll Be Fine. . .in the 'Burbs

New York Times columnist David Brooks' column today was an upbeat look at life in America in the next 40 years.  And I loved it.

His column was titled Relax, We'll Be Fine.

The theme in it that I picked up most of all was a theme for which I've been blogging since I first started blogging years ago--suburban life.

Brooks points out demographic predictions of the return of bigger families and, consistent with that, the continued importance of suburban life to the betterment of America.  Citing a new book, he says, "Over the next 40 years, Kotkin argues, urban downtowns will continue their modest (and perpetually overhyped) revival, but the real action will be out in the compact, self-sufficient suburban villages."

He credits our nation's suburbs, again backed with statistics, with the rise of philanthrophy and community service--two things that make America, America.  He writes, "Suburbanization helps. For every 10 percent reduction in population density, the odds that people will join a local club rise by 15 percent. The culture of service is now entrenched and widespread."

Search for Brooks' name on Twitter today, though, and one will some some urban elites have fired back.

I'll take his advice, though.  I'll just relax, in the 'burbs.

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