Friday, April 30, 2010

Negotiating 101

My recent Vistage meeting had an award-winning speaker on negotiations--Jack Kaine.

Of the 12 pages of notes I took away from Jack's half-day session, the most notable was how to interpret things when a negotiation counterpart's words conflict with his body language.

Ever have that customer who goes out of their way to yell and scream about the terms of an agreement, but they are still talking to you about that agreement?

What are you to believe?  Do you believe the words that say, "No way. No how" or the fact that they are still standing there?

Jack Kaine, using Nichols' research on the elements of communication, would say that words are only 7% of communication while body language is 55%.  Thus, in a conflict of words vs. body language, believe the body language.

The fact that the guy is still standing in front of you is a pretty sure sign he still wants to find a way to make a deal.  Make it.

Great lesson.

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