Sunday, April 18, 2010

My First Communion Money

I don't still have my First Communion money.  Though it lasted a long time and some may consider me miserly enough to have pulled it off, I can no longer say I still have my First Communion money.
In 1975, with the money, I bought some goldfish, including the tank and bubbly thing that goes with it.  The rest, I saved.
I combined the cash with my newspaper money and bought a CD.  No, no that kind of CD.  I put the money in a certificate of deposit that earned some big money (interest rates where higher then) by the time it matured.
Then, in 1984, I bought a car with it--a 1980 Chevy Monza in fact.
The car couldn't go to college with me, so I sold it and bought some stock.  I bought Gannett stock in 1987 when USA Today was still fairly new.  The stock doubled soon enough for me to sell off half of it a few years later and buy another car.
The other half stayed in the form of stock shares.
Then, I sold my stock in 2002.  My kids used it. 
It went to pay for Catholic schools, among other things.

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