Friday, March 5, 2010

Ohio Means Jobs, Really it Does is a website designed to help Ohio's job seekers and Ohio's employers more easily find each other. It is a good web site that has not been fully marketed nor fully utilized.

Of all the government-led programs Ohio has rolled out over the years, this is the stand-out one in my opinion.  I can say this site actually has potential value to a wide range of businesses.

The concept is, essentially, privatization of the on-line job seeking capability and scrapping of past-years' propriety programs that didn't work.

I've, personally, used it to help steer job seekers to jobs available from our employers here at the Aerospace Center. See our Port Authority's application of it at

Economic development folks should be able to steer job seekers to this site and invite their employers to go to it. There's also some real-time data (not waiting for months-old info from the government, but real-time) that can be derived from a system like this too.

It needs better marketed to businesses. However, being honest, its only when hiring is up and the task of finding job seekers is harder that more businesses, I believe, will gravitate to it.

When the job market is tight again, and those days are coming back, the tools of this program will have value in economic development to help prove companies can find workers in Ohio.

So, yes, Ohio means jobs, it really does.

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