Tuesday, March 2, 2010

History Repeats Itself, Again

Five years ago, our customer surveys showed us.  If one worked at the Aerospace Center when it was an Air Force Base, one was that much less likely to be positive about the work of the Port Authority.  Said another way, the former base workers preferred to reflect on the good old days.

That gave us an idea.

In our posession was a rare, complete set of the old Newark AFB on-base publication On Target.  First published in 1965, the newspaper collection gave us a way to better connect with the personnel who favored the good old days while also instilling a greater sense of history with the newcomers.

Through the Years made its debut at OntheBase.com, our website targeted at on-base personnel, in March 2005.  It has continued every month since with a look back 5-, 10-, 15-years, and so on back to 1962 and the start of guidance system repair and metrology in Heath.

At the start of the next five years, the author, Bill Wright, is now challenged to find those historical stories that tie with today and let history repeat itself, again.

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