Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Weather Gives Taste for Ohio Route 161 Opening

Though its still a couple of months away, the Spring-like weather has one hoping for the opening of State Route 161's Phase II project from St. Albans Township to Granville (actually the newest leg of the multi-numbered route SR161/SR37/SR16/US36/US22).

ODOT District 5 and its contractor are back to work on the project that will open Central Licking County to commuters from Franklin County and vice versa.  It really is getting so close that you can taste it.

It makes one also hope for the other things that need to get done to truly finish the job.

ODOT District 5 now has the design of the Cherry Valley Interchange in its able hands.  District 5 has, historically, been among the best for this type of work. God speed, engineers!

It's really time that the SR161/SR37/SR16/US36/US22 highway get a single number.  State Route 161 makes sense.  Many agree.  None of the excuses I've heard for why this hasn't already happened stand up to scrutiny in my book.

Most vital, some day, is when the highway is completed all the way east.  This soon-to-open segment will be an important leg of the Columbus-Pittsburgh Corridor too.

Yes, good weather gives us a taste for things to come in the future.  Yes, indeed.

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