Saturday, March 6, 2010

Advice Column: GPS and Garage Door Opener Stolen? Act Now

First I read this story in The Advocate.  Someone's GPS and garage door opener were stolen.  Not exactly valuable items for a thief, I thought.  It really didn't click with me, until. . .

Then I read this blog.  Most GPS devices have a "go home" button that could take a thief straight to your house and, then using your garage door opener, right into your house through your garage door.

Good advice?

Before you are a victim, program that GPS for a location not exactly at home.  The one blog suggests a gas station, for example, as a good choice.  I think a busy intersection would work well too.

If you find these stolen from your car, reprogram your garage door opener ASAP.  Most manufacturers publish a manual for garage door reprogramming online.

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