Thursday, February 11, 2010

Timing is Everything

Timing is everything.

When we flew into Washington, DC on this day last week, it was obvious from the plane that the Beltway had more snow on the ground than we did in Central Ohio.  Coupled with the snow already there were the looming predictions of a big storm.

The weathermen where scaring people.  One staffer said his son's daycare had announced, 24 hours ahead of any real snow, that they were going to close the next day.  The Metrorail display boards warned riders that if snow exceeded eight inches that the system would shut down.

We got out that same day.

Then D.C. got walloped.  Twice.

Even places that handle snow fairly well would call what they've gotten a walloping. 

I like our timing.

Bill Wright of my staff, one could argue, has even better timing.

Bill started his vacation on February 3rd.  He went to a sunny place.  He's taking twelve days.

Bill will have missed the largest one-two punch of snow here in a very long time.  He will have missed the chance to push a shovel, clear with our sidewalk plow, load a truck with salt, and plow a parking lot. 

Timing, truly, is everything.

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