Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is 3C Rail Plan B? I Got It

An announcement is due tommorrow on the potential funding of rail passenger projects around the nation under last year's stimulus.  Ohio leaders await word on the so-called 3C project which would upgrade rail lines between Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland to reintroduce passenger train service there.

Though, presumably, we'll learn the funding for Ohio tomorrow, it makes one wonder what the "Plan B" should be if Ohio doesn't get the full $564 million in funding the 3C project requires.

It's a little known fact that Ohio actually owns the rail line from Columbus east to the Ohio River.  The state-owned Panhandle Line is familiar to Licking County as it serves Central Ohio's largest manufacturing corridor which is right here in Newark-Heath-Hebron.

It wouldn't be as catchy as the 3C name for the line, but it would be 2CNP--Columbus-Newark-Coshocton-Pittsburgh.  The line would restore passenger service to Columbus which currently has none, among other things.

I also suspect this line could be made passenger-rail ready for less than $564 million. 

So, if Ohio gets less than what it asked for to do the 3C, maybe the 2CNP could be Plan B.

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