Friday, February 10, 2017

Creative Class Revival? Really!?

Didn't we already settle this?

I tallied three times today hearing about "Creative Class" in reference to our town, population 50,000.

The hypothesis Creative Class was touted as a trend and fact.

Astonishing.  This was already put to rest.

Read this from Joel Kotkin:  "Richard Florida Concedes the Limits of Creative Class."

And this piece:  "The creative class thesis—and Richard Florida himself—have been criticized for what appears to be a change in Florida's prognosis for America's ailing Rust Belt cities. Florida's message was so quickly and enthusiastically adopted by cities because he argued that any city had the potential to become a vibrant, creative city with the right infrastructure investments, policies, and consulting advice. A 2009 article, "The Ruse of the Creative Class," questions Florida's costly speaking engagements in struggling industrial cities in which he offered optimistic prognoses—and his more recent pronouncements that many American cities may never be saved in the wake of the Great Recession."

These are issues from six years ago.  Didn't the urban consultants get the memo?

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